The future of crypto investing
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Crypto assets are all about communities with ideologies

by Nora Hukuda Every new platform that comes around in tech has its unique qualities compared to what was possible before that platform, and they also inspire new behavior for end-users that also was not seen prior to that platform paradigm shift. Overview of

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How I Saw Value In Ethereum

My conviction in Ethereum is forever. A lot of tourists in the crypto space speculate and leave, but my faith and conviction in Ethereum is unbreakable. Some might find this to be an “annoying maxi” statement, but I figured it might be interesting to share m

What is the Metaverse and Web3 Social?

My understanding of the metaverse is the category of communities that are being created and born on online-first, not offline-first. Traditional “non-metaverse” communities that we’re all familiar with might include the neighbors we live next to, the pe


by Andrew Lee, translated by Nora 私が大学を卒業した2013年以降のブロックチェーン業界の成長に注目してみると、現在の仮想通貨業界は利便性が高く正当な資産として認められていると言

Buying Crypto in 2019 or Earlier Was Before Adoption Validation, Buying Today Is at the Beginning of Mainstream Adoption

Having been closely following the blockchain space since I graduated college in 2013, it’s been my observation that in today’s market the crypto space is no longer doubted as a useful technology and legitimate asset class. After the bubble burst in 2013, the