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Q&A With Steven McKie, Founding Partner of Amentum, Technical Advisor to Cent, Connext: On The State of Blockchain Infrastructure, Project Culture, Decentralized Web

I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Steven McKie, founding partner of Amentum Capital, and technical advisor to Connext, Cent and SpankChain. Steven shared some insights into the trends of blockchain use cases, how to think about blockchain infrastru

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April 21st – Weekly Crypto Digest

Adamant Capital releases an in-depth report suggesting that Bitcoin is in heavy accumulation and in a last stage of bear market, but re-testing November lows could be possible: - Link• 2017-2019 drawdown of 84% ($19,949 to $3,141) is on par with draw

March 29th – Weekly Crypto Digest

Thailand-based CP Group acquires Omise for $150M, TheBlock reports. Omise was foudned in 2013 and raised $20M to date. CP Group is headed by Thai billionaire Chatchaval Jiaravanon. - Link $105M worth of ETH and ERC20 tokens were moved out of CoinB

March 24th – Weekly Crypto Digest

Jack Dorsey tweets that Square is hiring 3-4 engineers to make open source crypto contributions. He also tweets his excitement for the crypto community: “I love this technology and community. I’ve found it to be deeply principled, purpose-driven, edgy,

March 16th – Weekly Crypto Digest

Mark Karpeles found guilty of falsifying financial records but cleared of all other charges, including embezzlement. Karpeles will avoid jail time after being sentences to a two-and-a-half year suspended sentence if he doesn’t commit another violation in