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Karma DAO Evolves Into DeFi & Crypto Project Pitching Forum for Builders and Angels

Hi friends, It’s only been four days since the explosive launch of the Karma DAO social experiment which has now grown to 204 members at the time of publishing this blog post. I’m humbled by the amount of traction and positive feedback I’ve received fro

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Announcing Karma DAO: First-Ever Token-Permissioned Networking Chat Group on Telegram

Hi friends, I’m really excited today to announce the public launch of a professional networking social community called Karma DAO that exists as a chat group on Telegram. The mission of the DAO is to have as many people in Ethereum and the grea

Some Crypto Optimism

Hi friends, I’ve included below some comments on some of the latest crypto trends I’ve identified and hopefully the insights are helpful to readers. Halving There is a lot of speculation around how the halving event will affect prices and whether hi

The Booms and Busts of Crypto

Most Bitcoin investors I know are supremely self-confident and self-approving of their investment in Bitcoin, and this alarms me. They feel as if they are “first,” or have some supreme foresight that makes them ahead of the curve on their investment. Iron

How The 2017 Crypto Market Was Not Real

The investor participants in the crypto market have evolved a great deal since early 2017. In early 2017, there was limited information and understanding on the fundamental merits and impact of protocols, and the majority bought in big and all the prices went st