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March 29th – Weekly Crypto Digest

Thailand-based CP Group acquires Omise for $150M, TheBlock reports. Omise was foudned in 2013 and raised $20M to date. CP Group is headed by Thai billionaire Chatchaval Jiaravanon. – Link 

$105M worth of ETH and ERC20 tokens were moved out of CoinBene’s hot wallets during an 8-hour wallet maintenance shift on March 25 and through intermediary exchanges such Etherdelta, Huobi, Binance and Bittrex, according to research firm Elementus. 
CoinBene denies any lost funds, but almost all wallets accept BTC are still frozen on the exchange. – Link

Block.one releases a teaser for a major announcement and event on June 1st, 2019 in Washington, D.C. – Link

IEO Roundup:
• Top Network raised $15M (~$2.5M on Huobi Prime w/ $1k/person cap) and its trading at 9.88x
• V Systems raised $600k on ZBG’s IEO platform and is now trading at 3.31x 
• KuCoin will launch an IEO for Multivac on its IEO platform called Spotlight

LVMH has hired a full-time blockchain team for over a year and has been working closely with ConsenSys and Microsoft to launch a blockchain to proving authenticity of luxury goods. – Link

Mythical Games launches a closed alpha standard for creating digital assets on EOS. Mythical raised $16M Series A led by Galaxy. – Link

ConsenSys publishes a list of 100+ DeFi projects, including: xDai Chain, dYdX Veil and more. – Link

Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling plans to start a blockchain company only 1 month after serving 12 years in prison, WSJ reports. Enron was a US energy company that created over $74B in shareholder losses after a massive accounting fraud was exposed in 2001. – Link

Brock Pierce says blockchain has potential to distribute power with new systems of governance and bring power back to people on Michael Nye’s podcast. – Link

Coinbase lets eligible US customers earn up to $50 worth of Stellar for watching educational videos about the platform, such as “What is Stellar,” “How banks, businesses, & people use Stellar,” and “How does Stellar protect digital assets?”. – Link

Sweden-based crypto gift card provider Bitrefill allows booking Airbnb with crypto. – Link

Telegram launches the ability to delete any message sent or received from both sides in any chat and the ability in settings to make all forwarded messages anonymous. – Link

Bitmain lets HK IPO application expire after originally having plans to raise up to $3B. – Link

Privacy-focused computation blockchain network Enigma announces plans to recruit 50 genesis nodes for its mainnet launch. – Link

What’s Happening On Twitter

I forgot how much people like free stuff.  I have very little faith in seeing the internet transition from ads and data collection, to micropayments and self-sovereignty. It needs to be more painful before people care, I guess. – Bitrefill founder John Carvalho

“Allegedly centralized”… how can you allegedly be an undefined term?
Let’s keep it simple, accurate, and factually provable:
#XRP: Monarchy 
#BTC #ETH #LTC: Hashpower-weighted Democracy 
#EOS: Token-weighted Democracy – Brendan Blumer

The more I look, the more it seems that a basket of altcoins will outperform Bitcoin next leg up.
Current portfolio is around 50% BTC.  I don’t see why it should be more than 20% – Rhett Creighton

Something special is happening: @ricburton minted a bunch of tokens and is giving them away as loyalty points to people who install and shill @Balance_io. There’s no sale. Having a token gives you access to a few in-app features, but that’s all that’s promised. Pay attention. – IDEO and MIT Bitcoin Club Founder Dan Elitzer

ETH maximalist: A person who is against any new smart contract platform bc of the endowment effect (their ETH ownership has them blinded) – Nick Tomaino, Founder of 1confimation

Recent voter turnout metrics for tokens (MakerDAO 0xProject and AragonProject)
Aragon’s last vote 0.3% turnout 🚮 
Maker’s last vote 0.58% turnout 👎
0x’s last vote 0.357% turnout 😣 
Governance tokens looking great 🤦‍♂️
– Rocco, Strategy Lead at Alpine

In response to above: Andreessen Horowitz would have been 91% of the Maker vote if they’d have showed up. – Daniel Goldman

1/ Update: NVTS trend line break confirmed for a shorting opportunity. (For long range multi-week price action) – Willy Woo

Written & Curated By Andrew Lee
Founding Editor-in-Chief of W3J
Upcoming Blockchain Conferences
Deconomy April 4-5 in Seoul, Korea

Consensus May 13-15 in NYC
Bitcoin Block Reward Halving Trend
Pantera Capital: There’s intense interest in the “halvings” as those every-four-year cuts in bitcoin supply are called. Although there’s only a few data points, it seems that Bitcoin’s price has shown patterns with block reward halvings. We have seen a couple of these cycles where the tide begins to shift roughly a year in advance of these dates. Inflection points occurred 376 and 320 days prior to the 2012 and 2016 “halvings”, respectively. Taking their average of 348 days could indicate a bottom on June 10, 2019. The vertical lines below indicate block reward halving dates and the circles represent past and possible future inflection points. The next reward halving is expected to occur on May 24th of 2020, dropping the block reward from 12.5 BTC per block to 6.25 BTC. – Link

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April 21st – Weekly Crypto Digest

Adamant Capital releases an in-depth report suggesting that Bitcoin is in heavy accumulation and in a last stage of bear market, but re-testing November lows could be possible: - Link• 2017-2019 drawdown of 84% ($19,949 to $3,141) is on par with draw

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