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Some Crypto Optimism

Hi friends, I’ve included below some comments on some of the latest crypto trends I’ve identified and hopefully the insights are helpful to readers. Halving There is a lot of speculation around how the halving event will affect prices and whether hi

February 8th – Weekly Crypto Digest

Grin lead developer who goes by the pseudonym of Ignotus Peverell writes that he’s disappointed by industry greed and “the way the industry around Grin is shaping up.” Grin core developer Michael Cordner’s campaign to raise funds to allow him to wor

January 31th – Weekly Crypto Digest

Web3 Foundation’s Ryan Zurrer speaks about Web 2 vs. Web 3 at Aragon’s AraCon conference in Berlin: - Link • Web 2 (social and mobile web) is broken because FAANGs business model is “surveillance capitalism” and they commercialize your personal d

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January 24th – Weekly Crypto Digest

Cboe pulls application for VanEck & SolidX bitcoin ETF. VanEck founder says they plan to refile but can’t answer many of the SEC’s questions until the government re-opens. - Link RSK’s RIF trades -51.1% in BTC terms below private sale price

January 18th – Weekly Crypto Digest

Spark Capital co-founder and General Partner Bijan Sabet, who led early investments in Twitter & Tumblr, blogs about how he was too trusting of centralized services such as Google search, Google Maps, Facebook, Amazon Echo, Waze & smart TVs. Bijan says b

January 10th - Weekly Crypto Digest

Chris Dixon invents the term “strong technologies”, which are products that adapt the world to themselves, such as the iPhone, while “weak technologies” don’t have a profound impact on the world but may seem closer to mainstream adoption, like the Black